Sony VAIO Duo, Flip, Pen Pressure in Photoshop!
Hey there, I am ultra-stoked and excited to announce that Sony have finally released a Wintab Driver that allows their Duo (I have a Vaio Duo 13 i7, it’s awesome), Flip and Tap Tablets to fully support pen pressure in Photoshop (32 bit versions: CS2-6, and CC). This is fantastic news for anyone who owns one of these epic portable computer tablet PC’s (Like a Wacom Cintiq Companion basically, but better IMHO). DOWNLOAD THE DRIVER HERE:   >>>: All I can say is… FINALLY! Enjoy!
09 Jan 2014 in General
Creating Artwork for Existing IPs Versus Original IPs
Hey there, Fan art is always a hot topic to talk about, but I wanted to share my thoughts on creating artwork for existing IPs versus original IPs. IP refers to intellectual property – and in non-technical terms it means ‘created work’, so we’re looking at making art for existing created work (for example Disney movies, Marvel comics and so forth) versus created work that is completely original, created by you yourself, such as your own characters and worlds. Existing IPs There are huge advantages to creating artwork for existing IPs, more commonly known as fan art. The most obvious reason to create fanart is that there is generally already a huge fan-base for the character or world you are re-interpreting or creating artwork for or of. Let’s take Wolverine for example – he is a widely known character, and has been around for ages. He is easy to recognise. If you create Wolverine fan art, existing fans will be quite excited to see more of ol’ Wolvy. His recognisability will help give you more exposure, and his popularity will rub off on you to some extent – a halo effect if you will. Plenty of top global artists create […]
11 Nov 2013 in General
Minimalism is Beautiful
Hi there, Welcome to my blog. It’s about time I finally set up a proper, fully-fledged portfolio website for my clients, friends and other artists who follow my work. It’s amazing what can be done online these days in terms of web development – the options and professionalism available are simply astounding. I hope you enjoy browsing the site, and be sure to check back often for blog updates. I’ve tried to keep things simple and easy to navigate, so load times are low, and you can focus on the art. I have so much planned – those who know me know that my mind never rests, so look forward to some exciting developments from me in the art world. Thanks for reading, and speak soon, Scott    
26 Sep 2013 in General